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+the world of Ultima(Britannia)

It was a long time ago, when I last played one game of the Ultima-series, but when I played it last week, I had a cool (I think) idea. Why don't transport the whole Ultima-world, with the cities, peoples, etc. to WFRP. I began to write the story of Ultima7 as a WFRP-adventure, and found that this is very easy. So I decided to convert whole Britannia with some new rules to WFRP, but I realised that this can't be done without help of others, so I ask YOU for help.

I thought by converting Britannia to WFRP, Ultima7 would be a good base(Ultima8 was not really good). So if you can help, and you know many things about Ultima and love it, then you can help me. I think this will become very cool.

So contact me!!!



Just posted the site, hope that there will be much visitors.

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