Militärische Abkürzungen


Updates erfolgen auf dieser Seite jeden Monat. Diese Militärabkürzungen sind hauptsächlich aus den Jane's Anleitungen von ATF und AH-64D Longbow, Longbow 2, aber auch Delta Force. Da ich mir nicht jeden Tag ein neues Spiel von Jane's und Electronic Arts kaufe, kann es auch länger dauern, bis dieses Lexikon weiter fortgeführt werden kann. Da einige Abkürzungen doppelt auftreten, sind diese ebenfalles alphabetisch geordnet.

AA-xx: Air to Air-xx
AAA: Anti- Aircraft Artillery

AAC: Army Air Corps
AAH: Advanced Attack Helicopter
AAM: Air to Air Missile
AAR: After Action Review
AAR: Air to Air Refuelling
AAV: Armored Amphibious Assault Vehicle
AB: AfterBurner
AB: Airman Basic
ABCCC: Airborne Battle Control and Command Centre
ABC-Waffen: atomare, biologische, chemische Waffen
ABL: AirBorne Laser
ABM: Anti Ballistic Missile
AC-xx: Advanced Charger-xx
ACM: Advanced Cruise-Missile
ACT: Air Combat Tactics
ADN: Allgemeiner Deutscher Nachrichtendienst
ADSM: Air Defence Suppression Missile
ADTC: Armament Development and Test Center
ADM: Admiral
AEELS: Automatic ELINT Emitter Locator System
AEF: Air Expeditionary Force
AEW: Air Expeditionary Wing
AFB: Air Force Base
AFC: Airman First Class
AFCEA: Armed Forces Communications-Electronics Association
AFCS: Automatic Flight Control System
AFI: Air Force Intelligence
AFN: American Forces Network
AGM: Air-to-Ground Missile
AH-xx: Attack Helicopter-XX
AI: Army Intelligence
AIM-xx: Air Intercept Missile
AL: Attack Laser-aircraft
AMF(L): Allied Command Europe Mobile Force (Land)
AMRAAM: Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
An-xx: Antonov-xx
AoA: Angle of Attack
APC: Armored Personnel Carrier
APU: Auxiliary Power Unit
ARPANet: Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
ARS: Advanced Rocket System
AS-xx: Anti-Ship-xx
ASE: Aircraft Survivability Eqiupment
ASETF: Air and Space Expeditionary Task Force
ASMI: Australien School of Military Intelligence
ASP: Annual Service Practice
ASRAAM: Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile
ASROC: Anti-Submarine Rocket launcher
ASTOVL: Advanced Short Takeoff and Vertical Landing
AT-xx: Anti-Tank-xx
ATA: Advanced Tactical Aircraft
ATAM: Air-To-Air Mistral
ATAS: Air-To-Air Stinger
ATF: Advanced Tactical Fighters
ATF: Anti Terror Force
ATGM: Anti-Tank Guided Missile
ATHS: Airborne Target Handoff Subsystem
AUTEC: Atlantic Undersea Test & Evaluation Center
AWACS: Airborne Warning And Control System
AWV: Advanced Warfighting Vehicle

BCV: Battle Control Vehicle

BG: Brigadier General
BFM: Basic Fighter Manoeuvering
BMK: Bordmaschinenkanone
BMP: Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty
BMT: Bewaffneter Manschaftstransporter
BPDMS: Basic Point Defense Missile System
BVR: Beyond Visual Range
BW: Bomb Wing

C-xx: Charger-xx
CAP: Captain

CAP: Combat Air Patrol
CIC: Counter Intelligence Corps
CIP: Common Integrated Processor
CCIP: Continuously Calculated Impact Point
CDR: Commander
CFLSW: Commander Fleet Logistic Support Wing
CFV: Cavalery Fighting Vehicle
CGAF: Coast Guard Air Field
CGAS: Coast Guard Air Station
CH-xx: Charge Helicopter-xx
CINCLANTFLT: Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic Fleet
CINCPACFLT: Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet
CM: Countermeasures
CMSGT: Chief Master Sergeant
CMTC: Combat Maneuver Training Center
CNATRA: Chief of Naval Air Training
CNO: Chief of Naval Operations
COL: Colonel
COMO: Comodore
CP/G: Co-Pilot/Gunner
CPL: Corporal
CPO: Chief Petty Officer
CPO: Co-Pilot/Observer
CRT: Cathode Ray Tube
CSM: Command Sergeant Major
CW: Composite Wing
CWO: Chief Warrant Officer

DACT: Dissimilar Air Combat Tactics

DARPA: Defence Advance Research Projects Agency
DASE: Digital Auto-Stabilization Equipment
DATS: Dornier Air Target System
DEFCON: Defense Condition
DIA: Defense Intelligence Agency
DMM: Digital Moving Map
DMZ: Demilitarized Zone
DoD: Department of Defense
DTV: Day Television
DVO: Direct View Optics

EBG: Expeditionary Bomb Group

ECM: electronic countermeasures
ECS: Electronic Command Station
EFM: Enhanced Fighter Maneuverability
ELINT: Electronic Intelligence
EloGM: Elektronische Gegenmaßnahmen
EloKa: Elektronische Kampfführung
ENJJPT: Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program
ENS: Ensign
EPE: Enhanced Performance Engine
ESSS: External Stores Support System
EW: Electronic Warfare

F-xx: Fighter-xx
F/A-xx: Fight/Attack-xx

FARP: Forward Arming & Refueling Point
FBW: fly-by-wire
FCR: Fire Control Radar
FEWSG: Fleet Electronics Warfare Support Group
FFAR: Folding Fin Aerial Rocket
FHU: Force Heli Unit
Flak: Flugabwehrkanone
Flarak: Flugabwehrrakete
FLIR: Forward-Looking Infrared Device
FLOT: Forward Line, Own Troops
FMFPAC: Fleet Marine Force Pacific
FOB: Forward Operating Base
FOR: Field Of Regard
FOV: Field Of View
FTS: Flying Training Squadron
FWIT: Fighter Weapons Instructor Training

GBS: Global Broadcast System

GEN: General
GIAT: Groupment Industriel des Armament Terrestres
GPS: Global Positioning System
GSGT: Gunnery Sergeant
GSM: Ground Station Module
GSRS: General Support Rocket System

HA: High Altitude
HARM: High-Speed, Anti-Radiation Missile
H-Bombe: Wasserstoffbombe
HEDP: High Explosive Dual Purpose
HELS: Hellfire Enhanced Laser Seeker
HIM AD: High-to-Medium Altitude Air Defence
HIRSS: Hover Infrared Suppressor System
HITU: Helicopter Instructor Training Unit
HMMWV: High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
HMS: Her (His) Majestys's Ship
HOMS: Hellfire Optimised Missile System
HQ: Headquarters (dt. Hauptquartier)
HQMC: Headquarters Marine Corps
HUD: Head-Up Display
HVAP: Hyper Velocity Armor Piercing

IAF: Israeli Air Force
ICBM: Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
ICS: Internal Communication System
IFF: Identification Friend or Foe
IFV: Infantery Fighting Vehicle
IHADSS: Integrated Helmet and Display Sighting System
Il-xx: Ilyushin-xx
ILS: Instrumenten-Landesystem
ILV: Improved Low Visibility
INF: Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces
INS: Inertial Navigation System
IP: Instructor Pilot
IPDMS: Improved Point Defence Missile System
IR: Infrarot
IRCM: Infrared Countermeasures
IRSR: Infrared Seeker Tracker
IRWR: Infrared warning receivers

J2: Joint Staff Intelligence
JAG: Judge Advocate General's Corps
JASDF: Japan Air Self-Defense Force
JASSM: Joint Air-to-Surface Stand-Off Missile
JDAM: Joint Direct Attack Munition
JFC: Joint Force Commander
JFSOCC: Joint Force Special Operations Component Commander
JSF: Joint Strike Fighter
JSOW: Joint Stand-Off Weapon
J-STARS: Joint-Surveillance and Targetting Attack Radar System
JTF: Joint Task Force

Ka-XX: Kamov-XX
KIA: Killed In Action
KPA: Korean Peopels Army
KPz: Kampfpanzer
KRK: Krisen-Reaktions-Kräfte
KSK: Kommando Spezialkräfte

LANTRIN: Low-Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared Night
LARS: Leichtes-Artillerie-Raketensystem
LASTE: Low Altitude Safety and Targeting Enhancements
LAW: Light Anti-Tank Weapon
LazReg: Lazarettregiment
LCAC: Landing Craft Air Cushion
LCDR: Lieutenant Commander
LCPL: Lance-Corporal
LEAP: Lightweight Exo-Atmospheric Projectile
leHFlgTrspStff: leichte Heeresfliegertransportstaffel
LOAL: Lock-On-After-Launch
LOBL: Lock-On-Before-Launch
LOS: Line Of Sight
LT: Lieutenant
LTC: Lieutenant Colonel
LTG: Lieutenant General
LTJG: Lieutenant Junior Grade
LTKdo: Lufttransportkommando
LZ: Landing Zone

MAD: Militärischer Abschirmdienst
MAG: Marine Air Group
MAJ: Major
MALS: Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron
MARS: Mitteleres-Artillerie-Raketensystem
MAS: Marine Air Station
MAW: Marine Air Wing
MBT: Main Battle Tank
MCAS: Marine Corps Air Station
MCI: Marine Corps Intelligence
MCPO: Master Chief Petty Officer
MEB: Marine Expeditionary Brigade
MEDVAC: Medical Evacuation
MEU: Marine Expeditionary Unit
MFD: Multifunktionsdisplay
MG: Maschinengewehr bzw. Major General
MH-xx: Marine Helicopter-xx (mit Marine ist das USMC gemeint, nicht die Navy)
MIA: Missing In Action
MICA: Missile d'Interception et de Combat Aerien
MICOM: Missile Command
MiG-XX: Mikoyan Guryevich-XX
MILES: Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System
MILNET: Military Network
MKS: Multi-Kommunikationssystem
MLC: Military Load Class
MLF: Multilateral Force
MMS: Mast Mounted Sight
MND: Multinational Division
MoD: Ministry of Defence
MP: Maschinenpistole bzw. Militärpolizei
MPSM: MultiPurpose SubMunition
MRBS: Minimum Rounds Before Stoppage
MRCA: Multirole Combat Aircraft
MRLS: Multiple Rocket Launching System
MSG: Master Sergeant
MSIP: Multi-Stage Improvement Program
MTW: Mannschaftstransportwagen
MUCELS: Multi Ultra-high-frequency Channel Emitter Locator System
MWHS: Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron

NAF: Naval Air Facility
NAMFI: NATO Missile Firing Installation
NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NATTC: Naval Air Technical Training Center
NBC: nuclear, biological, chemical
NCTR: Non-Cooperative Target Recognition
NFTC: NATO Flying Training in Canada
NH-xx: NATO Helicopter-xx
NIAC: Navigations-Interface and Autopilot-Computer
NIC: Naval Intelligence Center
NIDS: NATO Integrated Data Service
NOE: Nap-Of-the-Earth
NORAD: North American Air Defense Command
NSAWC: Naval Strike Air Warfare Center
NSSMS: NATO Sea Sparrow Surface Missile System
NTC: National Training Center
NVA: Nationale Volksarmee
NWC: National Weapons Centre

OH-XX: Observation Helicopter-XX
OPZ: Operationszentrale

PACV: Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle
PAH: Panzer-Abwehr-Hubschrauber
PDU: Pilot Display Unit
PFC: Private First Class
PfP: Partnership for Peace
PFZ: Primary Firing Zone
PGM: präzisionsgelenkte Munition
PNVS: Pilot's Night Vision Sensor
POW: Prisoner of War
PRF: Pulse Repitition Frequency
PVT: Private
PzPiKp: Panzerpionierkompanie

Q: unbemanntes Luftziel

RADAR: Radio Detecting And Ranging
RADM: Rear Admiral
RAF: Royal Air Force
RAM: Radarabsorbierende Materialien
RAS: Radarabsorbierende Strukturen
RC: Rivet-Joint Cargo
RDF: Rapid Deployment Unit
RM: Royal Marines
RN: Royal Navy
R&S: Rettung & Schutz
RQS: Radar-Querschnitt
RTS: Rapid Targeting System
RWR: Radar Warning Receiver
RWS: Range While Search

SA: Seaman Apprentice
SA-xx: Surface-to-Air-xx
SADM: Special Automatic Demolition Munition
SALT: Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
SAM: Surface-to-Air Missile
SAR: Search And Rescue
SARH: Semi-Active Radar Homing
SAS: Special Air Service
SBIRS: Space-Based Infra-Red System
SCPO: Senior Chief Petty Officer
SDI: Strategic Defence Initiative
SEAD: Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
SEAL: Sea Air Land (Navy SEALs)
SEATO: South East Asia Treaty Organisation
SEMA: Special Electronic Mission Aircraft
SFC: Sergeant First Class
SFOR: Stabilization Force
SFW: Sensor-Fuzed Weapon
SGM: Sergeant Major
SGT: Sergeant
SH-xx: Sea Helicopter-xx
SHAPE: Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Powers in Europe
SLBM: Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile
SMSGT: Senior Master Sergeant
SMT: Soviet Medium Tank
SN: Seaman
SNFL: Standing Naval Force Atlantic
SOA: Special Operations Area
SONAR: Sound Navigating And Ranging
SR: Seaman Recruit
SRF: Strategic Rocket Forces
SS-xx: Surface-to-Surface-xx
SSG: Staff Sergeant
START: Strategic Arms Reduction Talks
StFPA: Staring Focal Plane Array
STOL: Short Takeoff and Landing
STOVL: Short Takeoff and Vertical Landing
Su-xx: Sukhoi-xx
SU: Stabsunteroffizier

T-xx: Type-xx
TADS: Target Acquisition and Designation System
TBM: Theater Ballistic Missile
TCS: Tail Control Sidewinder
TEL: Transporter-Erector-Launcher
TEWS: Tactical Electronic Warfare System
TF: Task Force
TFR: Terrain-Following Radar
TFX: Tactical Fighter Experiments
THAP: Tactical High Altitude Penetrator
TIALD: Thermal Imaging And Laser Designation
TIS: Thermal Imaging System
TOC: Tactical Operations Center
TOW: Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided
TPZ: Transportpanzer
TSD: Tactical Situation Display
TSGT: Technical Sergeant
TSSAM: Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missiles
Tu-xx: Tupolev-XX
TVS: TeleVision System
TWS: Track While Scan

UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UCAV: Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle
UH-xx: Utility Helicopter-xx
UHU: Unterstützungs-Hubschrauber
UK-DIS: United Kingdom Defence Intelligence Staff
USAF: United States Air Force
USMC: United States Marine Corps
USN: United States Navy
USP: Universal Self-loading Pistol
USS: United States Ship

VADM: Vice Admiral
VDS: Variable Depth Sonar
VRV: vorderster Rand der Verteidigung
VSD: Vertical Situation Display
VSI: Vertical Speed Indicator
VTOL: Vertical Take-Off and Landing
V-Waffen: Vergeltungswaffen

WC: Wing Commander
WO: Warrant Officer (Wachhabender Offizier)
WSO: Waffensystemoffizier

Yak-xx: Yakolev-XX

ZSU-xx: Zenitnaia Samokhodnaia Ustanovka